Rebecca Waymouth

It is little wonder Rebecca Waymouth has established herself as an experienced horse trainer. 

Rebecca, is the daughter of Robert and Debbie Waymouth (formerly Londregan) and gran daughter of the legendary Charlie Waymouth, a family of mentors that have provided Bec with knowledge and experience and opportunity that others can never clam.

Rebecca has a bachelor of Science and Major in Chemistry. Her studies also included animal physiology giving her a broader understanding of the horses body and has been incredibly useful when dealing with the veterinary specialists and exploring alternative methods for treatment. Rebecca has also a Diploma in Equine Acupuncture.

A young vibrant, enthusiastic trainer, has so much to offer owners, her attention to detail, her education on a theoretic and practical level sets her apart from the rest.

The support of her family, Mum, Dad and brother Rowan all work together to create a talented and dynamic combination. committed to getting the best out of the horses they train and keeping owners informed and involved in the progress of their racing investment.